Recognize ST GROUP

ST GROUP, who offers pioneer approaches for the daily renewing life standards of the global world, has been founded in 1985 with the establishment of IPSAN Thread Company.

ST GROUP, who has investments in 5 different sectors which will turn into a passion for its employees, business partners and even for the competitors apart from its customers, is proud of bringing the leader brands together with the consumers along with its philosophy ‘To the best in a body’

ST GROUP, who is active in textile, packaging, food, transport and real estate sectors, has been making management and delivery organizations in its 41.000m2 factory building in Denizli industrial zone.

ST GROUP, who has been taking part among the leader companies from its foundation, is using its large service, knowledge and cooperation network in order to achieve its goal.

ST GROUP, with the vision of being open to the innovations and new investments, proceeds to analyze collaboration and investment occupations which is believed to be beneficial for nation economy and community life.